Hand-made pocket squares from Put This On

"As no serious writer would want to compromise his prose by omitting the correct punctuation, no serious elegant leaves his chest pocket similarly unattended." — Alan Flusser, Style and the Man

The Put This On Gentlemen's Association is a very serious members-only organization dedicated to the adornment of the jacket pocket. Every other month, you'll receive via US Mails a pocket square, hand made in Los Angeles exclusively for Association members. 

How it works

Each of our fabrics is hand-selected by Put This On's Jesse Thorn - including vintage pieces, prints from the finest mills in the world and everything in between. Squares are cut and their edges rolled by hand in our Los Angeles atelier. 

A member for one year can expect to develop a full wardrobe of squares - or to compliment the wardrobe he already has. 

Because we sell our squares directly to you, we sell them for roughly half what they'd cost in a retail environment.

 As an added benefit, if you join for a full year, you'll receive not just a handsome discount, but also a bonus white linen square, with our compliments.

Are you a man, or a gentleman? Join the Put This On Gentlemen's Association now.



About Put This On

Put This On is a web site and video series about dressing like a grownup.

The site has been featured in Time, Mashable, Refinery29, the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ (American and Italian), CNN and Canada's National Post, among other venues.

In addition to his menswear work, Put This On founder Jesse Thorn is the host of the national public radio program Bullseye. He lives in Los Angeles.

Common Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yup! We ship to many countries around the world using first class international mail. If we don't ship to your country, drop us a line and maybe we can do something for you.

When will I receive my first pocket square?

Orders ship the first week of every even month - February, April, June and so on. Get your order in before the 15th of the previous month to be included in that shipment.

Are they really hand-made, or does that just mean there were hands operating the machine?

Our squares are cut with shears and sewn by hand with a needle and thread. It's the only way to achieve a properly-rolled edge.


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