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Pen Pop Press selects vintage and obscure magazines for collectors and the curious. Each month, you’ll receive a magazine from that month but a previous year. For example, in July you could receive the July, 1953 issue of Screen Stories or the July, 1974 issue of Master Detective. Included in each mailing is an envelope of ephemera containing related photos, postcards, and pamphlets and a brief newsletter from Pen Pop Press.


You can choose between three magazine subscriptions: ‘Kooky Aunt,' ‘Cranky Uncle,’ or 'Digital Digest.' The first two are physical periodicals that we mail to you. The Digital Digest is an online version of the best of that month's articles, ads, and graphics so you can collect without the clutter!

Pen Pop Press sends out treasures found scouring the shelves of aunts, uncles, shut-in cousins, thrift stores, and flea markets.



About Pen Pop Press

Pen Pop Press' Julie Crossman leads zine-making classes at the Bay Area Maker Faire where she was awarded a 2011 Educator Award. She also runs a mock newstand selling real local zines at the San Francisco Zine Fest.

In addition, she is a host and producer of Oakland! Oakland, California’s own live, late-night, monthly talk show. The show was created with Jeremy Dalmas after a year-long run of live performances at San Francisco’s Make-Out Room.

A native of Boston, MA she currently lives in San Francisco, CA teaching art classes.


When will I receive my first magazine?

Orders ship on the 1st of every month. Get your order in before the 15th of the previous month to be included in that shipment.

When am I billed?
If you signed up for the month to month plan, you will be charged once every month until you choose to cancel. The prepaid plans will charge you once and renew automatically when the term is over. All plans can be cancelled at anytime.

What do I get?
A vintage magazine from that month but a previous year and an envelope of related (and unrelated) ephemera. Prepaid plans include a Pen Pop Press magazine holder and calendar to keep and record your magazines.

What magazines should I expect?
A mix of vintage and obscure titles related to your chosen theme.

Do you ship internationally?
Your subscription includes free shipping in the United States. However, if your willing to pick up the extra international shpping costs, we are willing to ship international.

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