2 Pieces of Jewelry Every Month

When you sign up for the Lucid Box you'll receive two pieces of jewelry every month. The value of each box varies between $58-$74. Why is Lucid Box offered at such a low price you may ask.

Lucid New York jewelry brand will be using the Lucid Box as a promotional tool. We hope that after receiving the box you'll go to www.LucidNewYork.com to check out what else is there. We hope that your friends will go and check out what's there. And friends of friends. It's basically our way to spend our marketing budget.

So... consider yourself lucky!

You have little time to get ready, you open your closet and once again you realize you have "nothing to wear." you grab that same little black dress. Now you notice that you have no accessories. Jewelry, accessories could transform any outfit and make it look different, brand new.

You just have to have them. Do you have just enough time to shop for clothes, rarely enough time to choose accessories? Are you overwhelmed by choices? Lucid Box is just for you. Sign up for as low as $26 a month and be surprised with two jewelry pieces delivered to your door every month. Not sure about the whole idea? Try Lucid Box month to month. You can cancel anytime. See for yourself.

We curate the Lucid Boxes with the greatest care, it's a monthly subscription model and we want you to stay with us every month. So we do make sure every box is beyond fabulous.



About Lucid

Versatile, classy, trendy, comfortable are just a few words desrribing Lucid New York jewelry. Lucid Box is a perfect medium to give you a taste of the collection. Two jewelry surprises delivered monthly to your door at a special price.


When will I receive my first shipment?

Orders ship the second or third week of the month. Sign up until the end of the previous month to receive the shipment.

What's in the box?

Ha! That's a surprise but every month there are two pieces of jewelry in each box. They're carefully curated keeping in mind that our clients love beauty, comfort and versatility. The retail value of what's in each box is between $58-$74

What if I don't like what's in the box?

If you absolutely don't like what you receive, you can send it back. We can either issue you a credit to spend on www.LucidnewYork.com or extend your subscription by 1 month. Sorry we can't reimbourse your shipping costs.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Unfortunately the prepaid 6-month or yearly subscripitons cannot be cancelled but you can transfer them. Please email [email protected] for details.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we don't ship Lucid Boxes internationally but we do ship everything from the site www.LucidNewYork.com anywhere in the world.



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Ask Lucid a question

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